Stop caring about what others think of you.

The steps above will help you ignore and reject the negativity others send your way. Then, you will be free to be your true self.


  1. When making a decision, ask yourself the following three questions:
    A. “Is this something I want to be, do, or have?”
    B. “Is this going to take me in the direction I want to go?”
    C. “Is this going to screw over anybody else in the process?”
    These are the only questions you have to debate when making any decision.

  2. Understand your motivations behind your decisions.
    Why are you about to say or do something? Is it to be liked, to impress someone, to get revenge, to help someone, etc.? If your decision is motivated by integrity (for example, to help someone), proceed.

  3. Put your best efforts into everything.
    Always do the best you can, and you will be proud of everything you do. You will also find it much easier to ignore what others think.

  4. Find a temporary role model.
    Identify this role model and understand why this person inspires you. Then, when faced with any challenge or problem, ask yourself, “What would my role model do?”


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