Start a word-of-mouth epidemic by targeting Connectors.

Word-of-mouth marketing strategies don’t work when the average person tells their friends about that new restaurant, new phone, or a new brand of shoes.

This is because the average person has a limited group of friends, and thus, any recommendations they give do not reach many people.

Word-of-mouth marketing strategies only work when Connectors decide they like your product or service and recommend it to the people they know.

This is because Connectors have above-average socialization skills and are surrounded by a wide range of acquaintances. Anything they say reaches a large group of people. Target Connectors and your sales will skyrocket!


  1. *Identify Connectors.*
    Connectors are those few people scattered among the general public who are popular, are sociable, and seem to know everyone.

  2. *Target Connectors with your marketing strategies.*
    Aim for Connectors to enjoy your product or service.


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