Spend quality time with your partner.

Following the above steps will ensure you spend quality time with your partner and thus, make them feel loved and appreciated. In turn, this will make your relationship with them stronger than ever.


  1. Focus on your partner and not anything else.
    For example, watching TV with your partner would not be spending quality time with them as your focus would be on the TV. Instead, you could sit and talk to them about their day. Be sure to maintain eye contact

  2. Make a list of things your partner would like you to do with them.
    Think about the things your partner has talked about doing, and write them down. Then, make the effort to do at least one thing from the list per week or per month with them.

  3. Foster quality conversation.
    Listen sympathetically to what your partner has to say without interruption, look at their body language, and ask questions with the intent of genuinely understanding their thoughts, feelings, and hopes. When you think you understand how they feel, confirm it. For example, you might say, “It sounds like you are feeling disappointed because I forgot to take out the trash.”

  4. Establish a daily sharing time where you and your partner will each talk about three events of the day.
    To make this easier, three times a day, ask yourself "What emotions have I felt in the last three hours?" and think about the events that caused you to feel this way. Write all of this down and refer to it when having quality time with your partner later.


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