Stay active throughout the day


  1. Avoid sitting too much.
    If you’re doing something that requires you to sit for long hours, dedicate a few minutes to stand, stretch or move around at intervals. You may also replace your desk with a standing or a convertible one that moves upward and downward so you can easily switch from seating to standing while working.
  2. Set a goal of taking at least 10000 steps daily.
    Taking at least 10000 steps a day leads to significant health benefits, from weight loss to preventing diabetes. To achieve this, take advantage of every opportunity to walk. At work, for example, you may choose to use the stairs instead of elevators. You may also suggest doing walk meetings instead of office meetings.
  3. Get a device to measure your daily steps.
    Calculating your daily steps creates room for improvement.
  4. Take long walks.
    They are an extra activity to keep you healthy!
  5. Make your exercise routine fun and enjoyable.
    Exercise doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, you can transform it into something more enjoyable by pairing it with the things you love doing, for example, watching your favorite TV show while exercising.
  6. Limit your TV time to less than four hours a day.
    Spending more than four hours watching TV increases the risk of death from all causes by 48%.
  7. Exercise instead of using sleeping pills.
    Even vigorous workouts in the hours right before bed are likely to improve your sleep significantly.


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