Reprimand your workers in the short and effective way

If a worker is not doing the work well, they will get the objective feedback. They will not be afraid of it, and it will be motivating. After the reprimand feedback, they will try to avoid committing the error again.


  1. Every time you want to reprimand someone (do not look for the situation by force) do it in a minute or less.
    One Minute Reprimand should be like a lesson and be given immediately. By storing misbehaviours, we collect negative emotions. Later when we give feedback, it is not a concrete reason. Do it immediately and in a short way - tell what they did wrong. Be very specific. Then pause for a moment of silence to let them “feel” how bad you feel. Shake hands, pat on the back, or put a hand on the shoulder and remind them how much you value them. You reprimand only the performance never a person. Do not come back to that issue.

  2. Think about 1 reprimand that you should give to your employee.
    Prepare yourselves using the One Minute Reprimand.


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