Regulate your caffeine intake


  1. Consume caffeine only before 2 pm.
    Set an unbreakable caffeine curfew to ensure that your body has enough time to remove the majority of it from your system. For most people, it means to stop consuming caffeine after 2 pm.
  2. Go two days on and three days off.
    For a healthy, non-addicted person, caffeine can be cleared from the system after three days. When you have it again, you’ll notice the same benefits as when you first started drinking it. 
  3. Go two months on and one month off.
    This is reasonable if you consume a small to moderate amount of caffeine daily (less than 200mg a day), as in a cup or two of black coffee or tea or a pre-workout supplement. Using more caffeine than this can lead to withdrawal symptoms for the first few days after discontinued use.
  4. Go full-on as needed.
    On most days, ignore it; live your life normally, without caffeine, but go full-on into it when you need it. Caffeine is fine for something extremely important but short in duration, so your indulgence will be limited to a couple of days. Use caffeine as a boost and not a crutch.


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