Refrain from judging yourself and others


  1. Record your judgments of others without judging yourself.
    Whenever you judge someone, witness how your judgmental nature made you feel. Taking a closer look at the way judgment brings you down will strengthen your desire to rise up.

  2. Forgive yourself for your judgements.
    When you attack with judgment, you are really just looking for love. Forgive yourself, and repeat this line: “I recognize that I have chosen wrongly, I forgive this thought, and I choose again. I choose love.”

  3. Act as if you are meeting each person for the first time.
    We tend to judge others through the lens of our past by projecting old experiences onto current circumstances. Practice saying this statement before every encounter that triggers the shadows from your past: “I want to see this person for the first time.” When you practice seeing someone for the first time, you release them from the false projections you’ve placed on them and the beliefs that separate you.

  4. Meditate for oneness.
    Sit comfortably cross-legged on the floor with a straight spine. Place your right fist at your side with the index finger pointing up, and place the left hand over the heart center. Focus the eyes at the brow point and repeat this statement: I am Thine, in Mine, Myself. Chant it for 11 minutes or less.


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