Reconnect with your inner kid to achieve more.

Unlike adults, kids have yet to be bogged down by life and all the stress and responsibilities it carries. When you approach the world with the wonder and creativity of a kid, new avenues will open up for you and you will achieve more than you ever thought was possible.


  1. See what you can get away with.
    Push the limits! Instead of asking yourself “why?”, ask yourself “why not?” Tell yourself that you just want to see if you can do it—you just want to see if you can start a successful business, lose 50 pounds, pay off all your debt, etc.

  2. Lose track of time.
    Delegate the tasks you hate doing to someone else. Then, do the things you actually want to do. You will get so absorbed in your work that you will lose track of time and boost your productivity.

  3. Keep being the beginner.
    A beginner is always positive and ready to learn, whereas an expert carries the stress of having to perform well. Approach every situation with the beginner’s mentality—you will learn what you need to learn, finish what you need to finish, and have fun throughout the process!


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