Protect your hearing


  1. Understand that your hearing is dependent upon healthy stereocilia
    Most hearing loss comes from damage to hair cells (stereocilia) within the ear, caused by loud noise. Under a microscope, healthy stereocilia look like soldiers, standing at attention in precise formation. But after being exposed to sounds as loud as an ambulance siren, they are bent and flopped over.

  2. Get your ears checked annually
    Many people aren’t aware that they are losing their hearing until it’s severe. It’s much better to identify these issues early so that the damage is minimal.

  3. Download a noise meter app and use earbuds at appropriate volumes
    The conversation usually occurs at sixty decibels and doesn't cause damage. Try to stay away from places where you would be exposed to greater levels of noise.

  4. Invest in a pair of earplugs
    Audiologists say inserting a cheap pair of foam earplugs into your ears in noisy situations can help preserve your hearing. You can also have earplugs custom made to fit your ears’ unique pinnae. The higher-priced versions have noise-filtering systems built in, which allow you to hear clearly but at a reduced volume. These can be useful if you want to go to a movie or music concert without damaging your ears.


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