Praise your workers in an effective way

People will feel good in the organization and a sense of belonging to it. They will try their best to be recognized as well as for their work. 

If people feel the goal is unattainable, they do not understand what we want from them. By dividing the goals in to the smaller goals or steps, and praising people for fulfilling them, we will get the work done.


  1. Every day find a situation that somebody (if not at work, look at your family, people on the street) did something right and praise them.
    Do it immediately and in a short way - tell what they did well and how it helps your organization (if you praise a worker). Then stop for a moment of silence to let them “feel” how good you feel. Shake hands, pat on the back, or put a hand on the shoulder to reassure them that you support them in the organization.

  2. Divide big goals to small ones
    Check your 5 last goals that you gave to your workers. Try to rewrite them and make each one comprised of a few smaller goals. Smaller goals will let you praise people more often.

  3. Create situations where you can give a One Minute Praising
    Remember that you can still praise somebody if it is close to the result you are expecting. This will give motivation to do it better next time.

  4. Put a reminder in your calendar to praise at least one worker each day using One Minute Praising.


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