Practice supporting conversations with open and honest questions


  1. Engage someone in conversation

  2. Focus on what they are saying, then use support responses
    Ask questions that elicit more information, avoid those that direct the conversation away from the speaker and towards yourself.

  3. Practice being brave about the possible answers to your questions
    Asking open and honest questions means the conversation can go anywhere, and the other person is more likely to reveal how they truly feel.

  4. If you miss something or you don’t understand, ask about it
    Say something like ‘When you said X, I was confused. “Wait. Back up. I don’t understand.” If you miss something, you will be unable to respond supportively.

  5. Focus on what the person is saying and ask relevant questions
    This is how true connections are made: by listening, responding supportively, letting the conversation go freely, and letting people speak and clarify their ideas in order to solve their own issues.


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