Play the “Gottman Island” Survival Game.

This game is a fun way to discover and talk about how you can be more receptive to each other’s influence.


  1. Each spouse writes down on a separate piece of paper what you consider the 10 most important items from the inventory list of the ship.
    Rank these items based on their importance (1 being the most important, 10 being the least important.)
    * There are no right or wrong answers.

  2. Ship’s Inventory:

    1. Two changes of clothing
    2. AM-FM radio receiver
    3. Ten gallons of water
    4. Pots and pans
    5. Matches
    6. Shovel
    7. Backpack
    8. Toilet paper
    9. Two tents
    10. Two sleeping bags
    11. Knife
    12. Small life raft
    13. Sunscreen
    14. Cookstove
    15. Rope
    16. Two walkie-talkies
    17. Freeze-dried food for seven days
    18. A fifth of whiskey
    19. Flares
    20. Compass
    21. Local maps
    22. Gun with six bullets
    23. Condoms
    24. First-aid kit with antibiotic
    25. Oxygen tanks
  3. Share your list with your partner.
    Together, come up with a single list of 10 items. This means talking it over and working as a team. Both of you need to be influential in making the final list.

  4. When you’ve finished, evaluate how you both did.


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