Perform acts of service for your partner.

If your partner’s primary love language is acts of service, performing at least one once a week will create a positive emotional climate for your relationship.


  1. Make a list of all the requests your partner has made of you recently.
    Understand that if you choose to do those things, your partner would take those actions as expressions of your love for them. Then, pick at least one thing to do each week. You can also write a note for them saying, “Today, I will show my love for you by…” and complete the sentence with the task you intend to do.

  2. Ask your partner to make a list of 10 things they would like you to do over the next month.
    Ask them to prioritize this list from 1-10. You can refer to this list when deciding the act of service you would like to perform for them.

  3. Hire someone to complete the tasks they would like done.
    If it is financially feasible, simply hire someone to complete the requests your partner has made of you (for example, mowing the lawn or deep cleaning the house).


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