Harness the power of doubt

The benefits of this exercise are multifold though hard to spot. For starters, it will make you understand that our culture's beliefs are constantly evolving. It will highlight biases that will be discarded in the evolution and new beliefs that will be adopted in the process. This exercise also helps you discover faults in the present system that you can work to improve upon.


  1. Think about a habit, ritual, or system that is currently accepted to be a norm but will become obsolete in the future.

  2. Inspect why you think it will become obsolete.
    Probe your beliefs by asking effective questions. For example, what change in the accepted beliefs will cause this obsoleteness? How will this change take place? What will the implications be?

  3. From now on, when you hear an objection that questions the validity of your ideas, beliefs, and solutions, acknowledge them.
    Listen to their opinions about your thoughts and strive to understand their point of view. Realize the reasoning behind their questions.

  4. View those doubts with an open mind.
    If they propose concrete evidence for their opinions and point out the gaps in yours, consider the benefits and implications of letting go of your current beliefs. See if there is truth in the other person's view. Compare the truths behind your reasoning and theirs.

  5. If you think there is value in adopting the new set of ideas, then be willing to change without letting your biases get in the way.


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