Pain is the universal constant of life.

Trying to eliminate pain increases the sensitivity to suffering. We always find something wrong and end up at the same level of pain and dissatisfaction. Living well doesn’t mean avoiding suffering. It means suffering for the right reason.


  1. You can’t get rid of pain, it’s always there.
    Human perception and expectations warp themselves to fit a predetermined amount of pain. You always end up at a 7 out of 10. As soon as your life improves, your expectations shift, and you become slightly dissatisfied again. When things go badly, you adjust and again come back to a 7.

  2. Hope is self-defeating and self-perpetuating.
    No matter what peace and prosperity we find, our mind will quickly adjust its expectations to maintain a steady sense of dissatisfaction, forming new hope, new religion, and new conflict to keep us going.


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