Break free from the cycle of self-doubt


  1. Monitor your emotions. Pay attention to your emotions throughout the day and try to identify them. Label your feelings as sad, happy, anxious, or any other emotion that arises. By recognizing and acknowledging your emotions, you can gain insights into how they may be influencing your self-doubt. When you notice feelings of anxiety or sadness, remind yourself that these emotions can distort your perspective and lead to underestimating yourself. Cultivate a habit of self-reflection to develop a realistic understanding of your emotions and their impact on your confidence.
  2. Evaluate the validity of your self-doubts. Examine the evidence behind your self-doubts to determine their accuracy. If there is valid reasoning behind your doubts, take proactive steps to increase your chances of success. This may involve acquiring new skills, practicing more, or gaining additional experience. However, if your self-doubts are mostly irrational, it is important to challenge and change your thoughts. Remind yourself of the evidence that demonstrates your ability to succeed whenever you find yourself believing that you are destined to fail.
  3. Embrace a healthy dose of self-doubt. Having some self-doubt is natural and can actually motivate you to work harder and achieve more. Recognize that a moderate level of self-doubt can push you to put in extra effort. Avoid waiting until you feel 100 percent confident before taking action. Remind yourself that you are capable of excelling even when you experience self-doubt.
  4. Consider the worst-case scenario. When consumed by self-doubt, it is easy to neglect considering why you fear moving forward. However, often the worst-case scenario is not as dire as you imagine. Ironically, the emotional turmoil caused by the fear of failure or making the wrong choice can be more painful than the actual worst-case outcome you anticipate. Remind yourself that you are stronger than you think and capable of handling potential embarrassment, rejection, or temporary setbacks.


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