Optimize your service using this four-step process.

In order to improve your service and increase growth, you must learn how to analyze your customers, how to generate ideas, and how to choose what is worth working on.

It’s easy to be lost with many ideas. It’s easy to work on things that are not very important. And it’s easy to work on ideas that do not come from data, but just from guessing.


Stage 1: Analyze

  • Analyze your best customers’ behaviors.
  • Determine the characteristics of your best customers.
  • Find out what causes users to abandon the service.

Stage 2: Ideate

  • Generate as many ideas as possible.
  • Each idea should have one format. Consider having the following fields: idea name, idea description, hypothesis, and metrics to be measured.

Stage 3: Prioritize

  • Score every idea using the ICE score system (or similar). You can calculate the ICE score by rating every idea on the following factors: the idea’s potential impact, the submitter’s level of confidence in how effective it will be, and how easy it will be to implement. Take the average score of these three factors. This is your ICE score.
  • Work on tasks that have the highest ICE scores.

Stage 4: Test

  • Implement the top ideas with your team.
  • Wait for a 99% confidence level.
  • Write up the results of the experiment with all the details and store it in one place accessible to everyone in the team.
  • Share the wins with everyone.


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