Incorporate desirable difficulties into your learning process


  1. Identify areas of learning that you find challenging or want to improve. Take a moment to reflect on subjects or skills that you struggle with or wish to enhance your understanding in. Write them down.
  2. Introduce desirable difficulties by setting challenging tasks or questions for yourself. Instead of immediately seeking answers or solutions, give yourself the opportunity to grapple with the problem. Try to generate answers independently, even if you're unsure about them.
  3. Persevere amidst struggles. It's natural to feel frustrated or stuck during the learning process. However, remember that overcoming obstacles leads to better long-term progress. Push through the challenges, even if it takes time and effort.
  4. Analyze the reasoning behind your answers. After engaging with the challenging tasks, review your attempts and analyze the thought process that led you to those answers. Reflect on both correct and incorrect responses to identify areas for improvement.


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