Add value to people's lives


  1. Evaluate the value you provide in every transaction.
    Examine each of your business transactions to ensure that what you're providing in use value exceeds the cash value you receive. For example, if you sell a product, think about how it improves your customer's life. You could create a checklist of benefits your product or service offers and compare these against the price to ensure the value outweighs the cost.
  2. Audit your business practices for fairness.
    Regularly review your business methods to ensure they are fair and ethical. If you find practices that might exploit or underserve your customers or employees, plan specific changes. Start by listing all your business activities, then mark those that need improvement and outline steps to address these issues.
  3. Create opportunities for employee growth
    Structure your business so that it not only benefits you but also allows your employees to advance personally and professionally. This could mean offering training programs, opportunities for promotion, or a supportive workplace culture. Reflect on how you can turn your workplace into a ladder of success for your employees. Then, implement it.


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