Deal with the enemies of joy.


  1. Deal with anger.
    Ask yourself, “What is the trigger that caused my anger, and what kind of fear is behind my reaction?” Fight hate using love - sincerely wish well to a person who caused you frustration.

  2. Deal with sadness and grief.
    Turn the sadness into energy to seek purpose in a painful event. Find the hidden lesson behind it and motivate yourself to do something positive. For example, the death of someone due to sickness may have pushed you to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

  3. Deal with despair.
    Use hope to cope with this feeling. Connect with those who have had similar experiences to you, and feel the connection and healing power of pain sharing.

  4. Deal with loneliness.
    Instead of being lonely and preoccupied with yourself, focus on the people around you, cultivate love and empathy for others, and allow these feelings to connect you with others.

  5. Deal with fear of death.
    Instead of associating death with fear, accept it as a normal part of life and be at peace with that fact.

  6. Deal with envy.
    Do not burden yourself with material things, and do not compare yourself with others. When you feel envious, ask yourself, “Why do I want something someone else has? Do I really need it for happiness?” Focus on gratitude for everything you have and are,  and understand that you can enjoy someone else's happiness without envy.


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