Make your company be like a cult.

Creating a company culture is not enough, because it sounds more like a strategy to acquire more talented people. What you need in your company is to create a cult, in order to have all your people feel like they are in an organization that has its own secrets.


  1. Hire people personally.
    Don’t outsource it, it’s too important.

  2. Attract talented people to work for you by showing your uniqueness.
    The first people you hire will be attracted by the stock option, however, the more people you hire, the more difficult it is to attract talented people. You will not convince them by your prestige, money, or stock options. Instead, show them your uniqueness - something that they will find only in your company.

  3. Everyone in your company should be different in the same way.
    That means all your people should wear the same t-shirt with a logo of your company, or do the same thing together (like watching Star Wars).

  4. Every individual should be clearly distinguished by their work.
    Every single person should have exactly one responsibility. This will eliminate competition for the same positions, improve cooperation, and more.


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