Make the change process easier to initiate


  1. Remind yourself of what you’ve already conquered
    If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the idea of losing weight, remind yourself of the steps you’ve already taken to improve your diet. For example, tell yourself “Losing 30 pounds may be difficult but I’ve already given up cookies. That alone will help me shed off 5 pounds in a few months.” You’ll be motivated because you feel you already have a head start.

  2. Focus on making small changes instead of one major overhaul
    Instead of forcing yourself to clean your entire house, decide to spend just 10 minutes cleaning whatever you can. Set a timer for 10 minutes and then clean the dirtiest room in your house. When the timer goes off, stop cleaning. After a while, your resistance will dissipate and you’ll feel the need to clean each room for longer.

  3. Create small, specific wins to generate momentum for the next milestone
    Let’s say you’re driving 9 hours away to visit your mother. Instead of seeing it as one long and tiring journey, you can mentally break up your journey into smaller milestones. Tell yourself, “After every 1 hour of driving, I’ll stop for a coffee.” This helps you avoid thinking about the 9 hours of sitting you’ll be doing.


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