Make room for others at the top.

Most leaders make it their goal to cultivate followers. But this is nothing more than their ego speaking. Leaders on level 5 want to create other leaders, and by doing so, they grow the whole organization. You don’t have to worry that there is no room for more leaders on the top—the room expands as more leaders advance in the organization.


In order to create developed leaders and not simply followers, you must change your mindset:

  1. Aim to be successful instead of needed.
    You may love when people need you, but you will not develop leaders who may eventually surpass you. And there is nothing better for the organization and you than developing these strong leaders.
  2. Work with people's strengths instead of their weaknesses.
    It may feel natural to work on people’s weaknesses. However, there is not much to improve there. Work on people’s strengths and build on top of them.
  3. Give away power instead of hoarding it.
    Change your attitude to “let’s lead together.” This will shift you from “position power” to “people power.”
  4. See potential leaders as they could be instead of as they are.
    Seeing potential is what will motivate you to advance people to level 4.
  5. It takes level 5 leaders to develop level 4 leaders.
    If there are potential leaders in your organization, and you don’t develop them, they will look for mentoring elsewhere. It takes a leader at a higher level to develop leaders on a lower level. That’s why it’s so important to advance to level 5.
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