Modify your family meal setup to limit your intake of food.


  1. Leave your serving plates in the kitchen, counter, or anywhere that requires your friends or family to stand up and leave the table before serving themselves.
    This will make them reluctant to go for more food.
  2. Store extra food in the refrigerator or freezer before you start eating.
    This will prevent you from eating more of them.
  3. Use smaller plates.
    They will hold just the amount of food you need. If you don’t have small plates, however, you may just serve small portions of food on large plates.
  4. Eat on plates with a clear contrast from your food.
    For example, eat creamy pasta on a black or green plate. There are indications that clear contrast between food and plate keeps people from overeating.
  5. Eat slowly by putting your cutlery down between bites and conversing with your family and friends during meals.
    This will help you avoid shoveling more food into your mouth.


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