Make every conversation unique and memorable.

Small talk is usually boring. When you talk to another person, you want to make an impact. You want to be memorable, not just another boring person. Well, if your conversations are not as good as you would like them to be, just use these methods to lead conversation like a master.


  1. Use a very strong conversation starter.
    Use something that is emotional and will give direction for the conversation; for example, "Dude, yesterday something absolutely amazing happened to me."

  2. Tell stories and use metaphors.
    An accurate story or metaphor is like a skeleton key to the other person's mind.

  3. Discover your interlocutor’s beliefs and values.
    Everyone likes to talk about the important things in their lives.

  4. Use your voice like a master.
    You need to modulate your voice and make it engaging. Sometimes speak loudly, then go quieter. Sometimes speak slowly, sometimes more rapidly.

  5. Ask penetrating questions about the topic.
    Listen carefully and actively to what they are saying when the other person is responding—they will feel your involvement.

  6. Ask unique questions.
    Ask questions that will make your interlocutor think and stimulate the imagination. For example, "What do you want your life to look like three years from now?"

  7. Finish the conversation when there is still some hunger, curiosity, or any other good emotion.
    This feeling should remain in your interlocutor’s memory for some time after you finish your conversation.

  8. Remember a person’s name.
    Before you start a conversation with someone, know their name first. Then, keep mentioning it in the conversation by repeatedly calling them by their name. This will help you remember their name faster.


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