Make a very intensive workout for 15 minutes.

Very often, Tony Robbins has as long as 16-hour intensive days. In order to be able to have enough energy during such days, he has a personal trainer who designed this exercise for him.


  1. Exercise on the OsteoStrong machine (5 minutes)
    Disclaimer: Tony is an investor in this machine. Most likely you can have a very similar workout in a different way.

  2. Exercise on the ROM Quick Gym (4 minutes)
    The ROM Quick Gym is a nickname for the 4-Minute Machine and the Torture Machine. It’s a super-intensive workout, that forces you to put all your energy into it. As this is another quite expensive machine, you can achieve similar effects completing similar exercises.

  3. Go to the sauna and then cold plunge (3-5 minutes)
    It’s a short sauna and then become immersed in cold water (around 57 degrees F, which is 13 degrees C).

  4. Do back inversion (2 minutes)
    In order to find out how to make this exercise, search in Google what is back inversion machine.


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