Look down on your machine (your organization) and yourself within it from a higher level.

Your organization is like a machine that has been created to achieve goals. The goals can be small or big—it does not matter here. But looking from the perspective of an operator of the machine, you will know how to operate it well in order to achieve what you want.


  1. Constantly compare your outcomes to your goals.
    Accomplish your goals and evaluate your machine (the people and the design) simultaneously.

  2. Understand that a great manager is essentially an organizational engineer.
    If an organization is like a machine, it needs an engineer to operate it, not philosophers, entertainers, doers, or artists.

  3. Build great metrics.
    In order to evaluate your machine well, you need a metric system.

  4. Beware of paying too much attention to what is coming at you and not enough attention to your machine.
    Don’t focus on each individual task. Focus on the machine.


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