Look at the machine from a higher level.

The ability to look at yourself and your life from the perspective of a machine can also be called higher-level thinking. This will give you the ability to study and influence the cause-effect relationships at play in your life. Understanding this is important to get the outcomes you want.


  1. Think of yourself as a machine operating within a machine, and know that you have the ability to alter your machines to produce better outcomes.
    The surrounding world is a machine that you can operate to achieve your goals. The machine is designed in a certain way, and you have the ability to operate it.

  2. Compare your goals with the outcome.
    And improve your machine (its people and design) in order to get better outcomes.

  3. Distinguish between you as the designer of your machine and you as a worker within your machine.
    Most people remain stuck in the perspective of being a worker within the machine.

  4. Successful people can go above themselves to see things objectively and manage those things to shape change.
    You have strengths and weaknesses. Look at your weaknesses objectively. If you are struggling with something, the worst you can do is deny it. Instead, you can accept it and turn it into strength, you can find ways around it, or you can change what you are going after.

  5. Don’t be afraid of asking people who are much stronger in areas where you are weak.
    All successful people are good at this.

  6. It’s difficult to see oneself objectively; that’s why you need to rely on the input of others and the whole body of evidence.
    Some mistakes you will realize only by accepting feedback from others.

  7. Be open-minded and determined, and you will get anything you want.
    But at the same time, reflect on whether what you’re going after is consistent with your nature.


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