Eat quality natural foods to stay healthy


  1. Eat foods with a ratio of one gram of carbs for every one gram of protein.
    This will help you control your intake of carbs.
  2. Eat foods that do not have a long shelf life.
    Most foods with long shelf lives, like rice, pasta, and canned meat, have preservatives that make them last longer.
  3. Replace refined carbohydrates with vegetables.
    For example, eat natural snacks like carrots, apples, or nuts instead of chips, cereals, and crackers.
  4. Eat foods with dark vibrant colors like broccoli, spinach, kale, cucumber, zucchini, and dark leafy vegetables.
    These are healthy natural choices of food.
  5. Discard unhealthy foods instead of putting them on a shelf or refrigerator.
    You would be tempted to consume them later if you keep them.
  6. Eat whole fruits instead of juicing them.
    Eating whole fruits enables you to consume added fiber and prevents you from overdosing on fructose.
  7. Get a nutritional calculator.
    It will help you estimate how much each nutrient you need daily.


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