Live a purposeful life


  1. Create a vision for your future.
    It is never too late to create a vision for your future and try your best to pursue it.

  2. Accept that change is possible for you.
    Tommy might have been skeptical about the arts impacting his life. Despite this, he still took the chance, which completely changed the course of his life. If Tommy did it, you could do so too! Change is possible for those who try.

  3. Provide opportunities to the underprivileged.
    Sherry and Bob could have charged for their services and accepted only those who were capable of paying, but they still chose to offer them for free. This gave kids with terrible lives and circumstances a chance to have fun and express themselves. Too often, we are blinded by our desire to make profits that we forget to help those in need. We have a collective responsibility to help them, too.


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