Listen well on Twitter.


  1. Spin your story.
    Using Twitter is like deejaying. It’s not about resharing a story. The best strategy is to interpret the story, remix it, and add your own signature. In this way, you make your story more interesting than the original one. You can either share information in a boring way or add emotion and make it epic.

  2. Engage with people who have similar interests.
    On Twitter, people are seeking attention. When they tweet about something that is related to you, you can easily reply to them—you can engage with them. This is one way to grow your list of followers.

  3. Observe trends and tweet about them, adding a connection to your business.
    Trends on Twitter are short but powerful. For example, when something super interesting is aired on TV, the next day a lot of people will be talking about it. Even if the trend has zero connection to your business, you can still invent a way to connect it. It’s a great method to grow your audience.

  4. Choose hashtags carefully.
    You have limited characters. Choose hashtags that are authentic and relevant to your business while also sounding native to Twitter.

  5. Consider paying to promote your tweets.
    It is cheap. The best way of doing it is to observe trends and then make a great tweet that will engage well with people within this trend.

  6. Learn to find good trends.
    Good trends can be names, current events, and memes. They are words and phrases that went viral. Observe popular hashtags to spot the trends.

  7. Be yourself.
    When you interact with hashtags, avoid being a poser. Avoid changing the way you’re writing for the sake of being like “them.” Just be yourself. Keep your identity.

  8. Be persistent and you will stumble upon opportunities to scale up.
    Once in a while, there will be a tweet that may give you huge visibility and lots of new followers. It will not happen right away, and you must play well to increase the chances of it happening. Just remember to give value first.


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