Build the mind foundations of joyful life.


  1. Build a foundation of useful life perspective.
    Think about the problem or worry you are currently dealing with from another perspective. Consider your problem as if it were happening to someone else.
    Consider how your present problem will affect your life in a week, a year, or perhaps a decade - will it change anything significantly, or you won't even remember what you were worried about?

  2. Build a foundation of humor.
    Accept your flaws and limits with a smile. Consider anything about yourself that is funny when viewed from a different point of view. Make fun of yourself. Have fun with life. The next time you are irritated, try to entertain yourself rather than becoming furious.

  3. Build a foundation of acceptance.
    Examine a reality that you find difficult to accept, and observe your thoughts without criticizing or being overwhelmed by them. Be in peace with the fact that you cannot change the past and are not responsible for fixing unacceptable things.

  4. Build a foundation of humility.
    Take a moment to consider all the people who have contributed to your current existence. Feel the immense love and gratitude that comes from being connected to everything given to you.


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