Create great content


  1. Treat each platform like a different language you need to learn
    You want to tell a story that enhances the overall experience of using the social media platform.

  2. Make content that does not interrupt
    Aim to meld seamlessly into the entertainment experience. Your ad should make people feel positive when they think about your brand.

  3. Make content for your audience, not yourself
    Be generous, informative, funny, or inspiring.

  4. Make content that leverages pop culture.
    Figure out what your audience is talking about and create content about that.

  5. Think of your content as micro-content.
    Your content should be tiny, unique nuggets of information, humor, commentary, or inspiration. Talk about what people talk about all the time.

  6. Make content that is consistent with who you are.
    Every day, and on each platform, you will post something different. But it should consistently answer the question, “Who are you?” When you are self-aware, you know your message, and you can keep it consistent in every setting.


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