Learn how to motivate your team to complete boring or tedious tasks.

Sometimes, a task is so boring and tedious that intrinsic motivation simply cannot be inspired. In this case, understanding why the task must be completed is paramount—it will provide meaning to an otherwise dry task. Furthermore, allowing and encouraging your team members to carry out the task in their own way (as long as they are working toward the same end goal) will make it more interesting and engaging.


  1. Offer a rationale for why the task is necessary.
    Even if the task itself is too dry to inspire intrinsic motivation in your team, explaining why it is a necessary task can make it more meaningful and engaging, especially if it is part of a larger purpose.

  2. Acknowledge the negative aspects of the task.
    Your team knows that the task is unpleasant, and so do you. Acknowledging this will extend empathy toward your team and help them understand that no one is particularly happy about having to complete said task, but it must be completed anyway.

  3. Allow people to complete the task in their own way.
    Clearly state the outcome that you need, and allow your team members the autonomy and freedom to achieve it in their own way.

  4. Use noncontrolling language.
    Instead of using words such as “must” or “should,” try using words such as “consider” or “think about.”


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