Deal with difficult people properly.

Dealing with difficult people is extremely important, especially in the corporate world or any other kind of professional life. It’s most important not only in everyday life, but when you can’t afford to simply ignore them.


  1. Avoid trying to change difficult people.
    It’s a little bit like an amateur trying to dismantle a bomb: ineffective and careless.

  2. Set your boundaries.
    Don’t tolerate shouting and pathological arguments in public situations or other forms of disrespect.

  3. Find your tone of power.
    Look down at your feet and go, "Mm-hmm." This sound should be resonating, strong, and firm. When you vocalize it, you need to speak in a slow and steady tone.

  4. Remember different mental maps and positive intentions behind every behavior.
    Even though you don’t agree with someone’s viewpoint, you need to realize that there must be some reason behind their annoying actions.

  5. Make your verbal messages brief and concise.
    Avoid talking too much about what you don’t like in their conversation style.

  6. Focus on behavior, not people.
    Instead of saying things like, “Michael, you are a liar!” say, “Michael, we both know that what’s been said is far from reality.”

  7. Focus on the most crucial things.
    Remember, don’t take their bait and never engage more than you have to.

  8. Use suggestions.
    You show people you are interested in their opinion. Often, much tension is relieved when we let people express their thoughts.

  9. Maintain strong body language.
    Keep your head straight - don't tilt it. Maintain eye contact and remove any physical things that stand between you and the person you're communicating with.


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