Keep yourself cool to get a quality sleep


  1. Make sure that the temperature in your bedroom stays close to the recommended 68°F (20°C) at night.
    You will sleep better if you’re a little cooler, just don’t overdo it. You can still have your covers and PJs, but don’t go overboard either. Get a nice, cool environment in your room and snuggle up to sleep more soundly.
  2. Take a warm bath an hour and a half to two hours before hitting the sack.
    The increase in core temperature from the bath will fall accordingly, and you’ll feel a little cooler right around the time you turn in for the night. Many parents know that this is the key to getting their kids to fall and stay asleep at night.
  3. Wear socks if needed.
    While a cooler room temperature would induce great sleep, some people can trigger sleeplessness because their extremities are too cold. They are naturally more warm-bodied and prefer to be barefoot. So test it out, and see what works best for you.


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