Introduce desirable habits that reinforce your goals


  1. Use action-triggers to increase your chances of making a difficult decision
    For example, if you’ve been procrastinating about going to the gym, tell yourself that you’ll drive to the gym immediately after you drop your son off at school. This eliminates any need for conscious deliberation about what to do after you’ve dropped your child off.

  2. Ensure that every individual complies with your desired change
    For example, if you want to ensure compliance with new safety regulations in a factory, require everyone to wear safety gear at all times. Nobody can be allowed to ignore the new rules—including managers. This will encourage everyone to comply.

  3. Reduce meeting times by getting rid of chairs
    Instead of having a sit-down meeting with your team, let everyone in the room remain standing. This will force those in attendance to focus only on their main points instead of mindlessly blabbing and wasting time.

  4. Introduce checklists to ensure compliance in critical situations
    If you’re a factory manager, ask every employee to use a checklist every time they are operating a complex machine. If you’re a hospital manager, request that every doctor and nurse use a checklist when handling patients in the ICU. Checklists eliminate potential errors and blind spots.


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