Influence your audience while speaking


  1. Clearly explain your topic.
    Give clear definitions —use contrasts, antitheses, and examples to amplify them. Ask yourself these questions regarding your topic: What is it, and what is it not? What is it like, and unlike? What are its causes and effects? With what subject is it correlated? What examples clearly illustrate it?

  2. Paint pictures.
    Use descriptions to suggest ideas and pictures to the minds of your audience. This’ll draw them into your speech and open them up to your suggestions.

  3. Tell stories.
    Narrate events, anecdotes, and biographical facts. Stories keep your audience engaged enough to hear your calls to action.

  4. Make suggestions.
    Once your audience sees you as an authority in your subject, they’d be open to suggestions from you. Suggest to them what to do next.

  5. Use sound arguments.
    Make arguments only when needed and where appropriate. Ask yourself these questions regarding your argument: Is it clearly stated? Do I have enough information to back up my position? Are there any eye witnesses to the facts? What is my end goal?

  6. Appeal to the highest motives of your audience.
    Instill conviction in them by linking something you know they care a lot about to your topic.


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