Increase the commitment of users from the very beginning.

According to the book Influence by Robert Cialdini, if we put more actions or more time into a something, we feel more connected to it, and it’s more difficult to abandon it. We think, “Since I got so far, it would be a waste of time to stop now”.


  1. *Make users provide more information about themselves from the very beginning.*
    The more they provide, the more ownership they will feel of their newly created profile.

  2. *Make users invest more time during the registration process.*
    It will increase their engagement.

  3. *Give users some simple tasks to do. But not too simple.*
    If the tasks are challenging enough, users will get into the flow state, and it will be difficult to stop doing what they are doing. They will get engaged instantly.

  4. *Ask your users a few simple questions.*
    Neil Patel, one of the best online marketers, recommends asking around five questions of multiple choice with a maximum of four answers.

  5. *Add gamification elements.*
    For example, unlock more features as users progress with your product.


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