Start small then monopolize

The only companies that have a high-profit margin, that can invest in innovation are those who have a strong position on the market, by not competing directly with other companies. Like Google or PayPal. The companies that are on a very competitive market, for example, are French airlines or the British restaurant in Palo Alto.


  1. Instead of competing in an existing market, find a way to make your company truly different.
    This means, that no one will thread your position on the market and you will not have to fight for every customer.

  2. Choose a small market that really needs your product.
    Don’t try to market your product to people that don’t really need it.

  3. Aim to achieve a monopoly.
    Don’t aim to get 1% of a big market. Or even worse, 1% of a market that is already dominated by the competition. This does not work.

  4. Scale up.
    Once you dominate one niche market, it’s time to scale it up to other markets/niches.

  5. Remind yourself not to disrupt.
    There is a trend in silicon valley to disrupt everything. However, it’s connected to unprofessional work, or threatening existing companies, which can easily destroy you.


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