Improve your perception of reality.

When you accept and understand it, you notice that every human being has a different map of the world. Eventually, you’ll come to the realization that every person on this planet has different life experiences, beliefs, values, and expectations. Interpretation of the same information may be completely different when made by different people. There is no one objective truth.


  1. Understand that people have different perceptions of reality.
    Whenever you encounter someone with a different viewpoint than yours, try to understand where they are coming from as we perceive reality differently. Remember that there is no one objective truth. Everyone is right according to their map of the world.

  2. Keep in mind that you’re the one who gives meaning to what others say to you.
    If someone says crap to you, you can just ignore it. It has meaning only if you give it meaning.

  3. Find the middle ground in every situation instead of arguing over who is right.
    You both have different maps of reality. An argument here may not make any sense. Arguing just for the sake of being right is pointless. Instead, try to understand and find the middle ground in every conversation.


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