Hire motivated employees and inspire them.

Hiring passionate employees will ensure their productivity and, therefore, your company’s success. Furthermore, if you inspire them and give them something bigger than themselves to believe in, you are guaranteed to have efficient and innovative employees.


  1. Hire those who are passionate about why you do what you do.
    Do not hire unmotivated people and try to train them—this will not work because people are either motivated or they are not.

  2. Inspire your employees.
    Show them that your company is worth believing in by reminding them of why you do what you do. Give them something bigger than themselves to believe in.

  3. Focus on making your company the best possible version of itself.
    Don’t focus on being better than your competitors, just aim to outdo yourself each and every day.

  4. When something “feels right,” do it.
    Don’t spend hours and hours thinking about a decision if you know it’s the right one. Follow your gut feeling—you don’t always have to rationalize your decisions.

  5. Create a sense of trust between you, your employees, and your customers.
    Define and communicate your value: why you do what you do. Why are you making this product? Why are you selling this service? What is your purpose in doing these things? Remember, the answer is within you - you just need to find it.


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