Glam it up on Pinterest


  1. Pin images that are very visually attractive to your board.
    On Pinterest, you can have collections (boards) of images, whether they are your own or pinned from another person. Other people visiting your page may repin your images or follow you to see what more you will share.

  2. Appeal to dreams with your titles.
    For example, instead of “Green Tea”, try “Tea You Drink After a Bad Day”.

  3. Mix pins and add your own perspective.
    This means that you can repin someone’s picture and add your own comment, adding some useful and interesting information. Give value.

  4. Consider having boards that are not directly connected to your brand.
    This will attract a completely new audience that might not be directly interested in your product, but once they visit your page, they might be attracted.

  5. Use comments on Pinterest.
    Comments are not very popular, but that’s why they are very powerful. Remember to be genuinely interested in the other person and the subject. Make a connection, don’t spam.

  6. Follow the rules.
    As with every service, Pinterest has rules, and these rules do not differ much from the rules in the real world. Show respect, be truthful, and be generous with your knowledge.

  7. Triple-check the details.
    Ask yourself:
     - Does my picture feed the consumer's dream?
     - Did I give my boards clever, creative titles?
     - Have I included a price if appropriate?
     - Does every photo include a hyperlink back to my website? 
     - Could this pin double as an ad or a picture in a magazine? 
     - Will this pin easily fit into everyone’s board?


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