Give more.

Most people think receiving gifts is what brings them happiness; however, the reverse is more true. When you give more, you will feel like a happier and more fulfilled person. Plus, giving more has the added benefit of receiving more too!


  1. Pick one or two causes that have real meaning to you and donate to them once a month.
    Your donation doesn’t have to be of monetary value, you can donate your time by volunteering too.

  2. Give one of your favorite things away to someone who would love it.
    If you can, do it without them knowing where it came from.

  3. Tip more.
    Leave a dollar or two extra whenever you tip.

  4. Bring positive energy wherever you go.
    If someone is being snarky towards you, be nice back. Smile more, compliment others, make them laugh.

  5. Say yes more.
    If someone invites you to something, say yes! Give them a chance to give back to you.


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