Get the most out of your morning


  1. Keep a journal of your daily activities. 
    Take one notebook, or open some writing app and write down your activities as frequently as possible and in as much detail as you believe would be useful. You can download a spreadsheet from the website: 
  2. Set priorities. 
    Challenge your preconceptions by reflecting on this question: What needs to happen, and what does not?
  3. Visualize your ideal morning. 
    Plan some morning habits that can improve the quality of your life and your well-being. 
  4. Connect your idea with your reality. 
    Strategize when and how you will perform the actions to help you develop good morning routines.
  5. Start habit development. 
    Turn your ideas and vision of good morning habits into action by executing what you have planned in the previous step. Even tiny little actions affect habit development. To stay motivated, keep a record of your progress for at least one month.
  6. Be flexible with your morning habits. 
    You may adapt the schedule of your rituals and habits if required, and occasionally you can skip them if a circumstance does not allow you to accomplish what you planned. Modify but never give up!


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