Get out of worrying, melancholy, or depression with effective distractions


  1. Try to identify your worrying or melancholic state as early as you can
    The sooner you can identify these states the easier it will be to escape or avoid them.

  2. Use effective distractions to shift your mood - in moderation
    For example, an exciting sporting event, a funny movie, an uplifting book. (A note of caution here: Some distractors in themselves can perpetuate depression. Studies of heavy TV watchers have found that, after watching TV, they are generally more depressed than before they started!)

  3. Go for easy success
    Tackling some long-delayed chore around the house or getting to some other duty they’ve been wanting to clear up. Lifts to self-image are also cheering, even if only in the form of getting dressed up or putting on makeup.

  4. Help others
    Throwing oneself into volunteer work—coaching Little League, being a Big Brother, feeding the homeless—are some of the most powerful mood-changers But are also one of the rarest.


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