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When you are starting, you have no audience. Vaynerchuk points that there are two great ways to get exposure. The first one is quite easy: Use hashtags in the correct way. The second one is difficult and uncomfortable: Reach out to influencers, to different people, and give them value. Both ways will require time. Neither of these is fast.


  1. Use hashtags wisely. It’s especially important on Twitter and Instagram.
    Watch episode 68 of AskGaryVee to get to know more about proper hashtagging click here. (

  2. Collaborate with influencers and people who have a large audience.
    That’s probably the quickest way to get out there. Collaborating means that you have to reach out to influencers and give them great value. However, they receive a lot of messages every day, as many people want to use them. That’s why you should focus on genuinely trying to help. Be persistent; do it a few hours a day until you find someone.


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