Get and stay in sync.

In order to build a great organization, all workers must be synced and aligned on different levels and have the same mission. Everyone is different, which will cause a lot of different opinions and disagreements, but those differences are key to building a better organization. Those are essential learnings.


  1. Realize that conflicts are essential for great relationships.
    They are how people determine whether their principles are aligned and how they resolve their differences.

  2. Know how to get in sync and disagree well.
    Bring to the surface areas of possible out-of-syncness. Distinguish between idle complaints and complaints meant to lead to improvement. Remember that every story has another side.

  3. Be open-minded and assertive at the same time.
    It’s not easy to be assertive and open-minded at the same time, and most people have problems with it.

    1. Distinguish open-minded people from closed-minded people.
    2. Don’t have anything to do with closed-minded people.
    3. Watch out for people who think it’s embarrassing not to know things.
      They’re likely more concerned about their appearance than achieving the goal.
    4. Make sure that those in charge are open-minded about the questions and comments of others.
    5. Recognize that getting in sync is a two-way responsibility.
    6. Be reasonable and expect others to be reasonable.
    7. Making suggestions and questioning is not the same as criticizing, so don’t treat them as if they are.
  4. Get more smart people to collaborate.
    Two people working together produce the same as 3 individuals. 1+1=3.

  5. If there are people that you will not sync with, consider whether the relationship is worth preserving.
    A lack of common values will lead to a lot of pain.


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