Gradually open yourself up to the inner sensations of past trauma.


  1. Stay calm and focus your mind on your sensations.
    When feeling the unbearable sensations of past trauma, allow your mind to focus on those sensations. Notice how these sensations respond to your breathing, thinking, and body position. Then label and describe the sensation to take control of it. For instance, say aloud, “When I’m anxious, I feel a crushing weight in my chest.” This helps you reconnect to your body.

  2. Take physical steps to control or alter the sensation.
    If you’re feeling anxious, focus on that sensation and see how it changes when you physically manipulate it. One example is taking deep breaths and observing how the tightness in your chest gradually softens. You can also tap on your chest right under the collarbone to see how the anxiety responds. Crying is also a good way to calm down your nervous system.

  3. Observe how your thoughts influence your physical sensations
    Take note of how particular thoughts are registered in your body. For example, how does your body respond when you recall your relationship with your father? If you notice that your body responds negatively to a particular thought, you may have blocked emotions in that area of your life. Focus on that particular area to release the trauma.


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