Build the heart foundations of joyful life.


  1. Build a foundation of forgiveness.
    Let the painful experience out – keep a diary or talk to a trusted friend about what has upset you. Telling your experience may help integrate memories into consciousness and the reduction of emotional reactions. To forgive, keep in mind that we all make mistakes and hurt each other out of ignorance or personal dissatisfaction.

  2. Build a foundation of gratitude.
    Practice gratitude every day. Think about or write a diary about the events, things, and people in your life that you are grateful for, such as home, family, friends, support, compassion, etc.

  3. Build a foundation of compassion.
    Refocus your thoughts away from your own suffering by opening your heart to others who also suffer. Acknowledge that everyone on the earth has the basic desire to be happy and free of suffering. Practice compassion meditation by thinking about someone you genuinely love and experiencing those beautiful emotions.

  4. Build a foundation of generosity.
    Focus on what you can give people. Starting with comfort, advice, protection, and your time, then spiritual giving such as sharing wisdom, smiles, and positive energy, all the way to some material things that you can help someone with.


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